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Telescopic Wheel Loader – EVERUN ER1500F

1.ER1500F is telescopic wheel loader with 1500kg loading capacity, has good performance when working in farm, garden, stock farm, warehouse, factory, small project, construction, environment with terrain road and so on.

3.It is with higher manoeuvrability, higher security, bigger power, lower noise, more comfortable, more stability.

  • Rated Load


  • Overall Weight


  • Full reach capacity


  • Rated Load


  • Overall Weight


  • Full reach capacity



Would you like more information?

Would you like more information?






 EVERUN Articulated  joint   Powder coating   High shear forces from planetary axle
The backbone of the Everun ER4 design: The legendary articulated oscillating floating joint. All four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine has unrivalled manoeuvrability.   Quality creates added value. The powder coating is a key feature of the EVERUN quality standard. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life and is more efficient and also environmentally friendly in the process.   The drive via the planetary axle increases the torque on the wheel and thereby improves the shear force. Due to the optimal ratio between the shear force and machine capacity, you work flexibly and economically at the same time.


Sturdy telescopic arm   Variable attachment for choice    Lubrication points
The telescopic boom is built to be sturdy and stable. The parallel motion takes place hydraulically. All important hydraulic lines are inside and are protected against external influences. The telescopic boom for Everun wheel loaders combines the advantages of an articulated machine with those of a telehandler. High overhead loading heights are therefore not a problem.   You have a wide selection of attachments available for your Everun machine.   Regular lubrication of all lubrication points of a machine is essential for proper and efficient maintenance of the machine and thus preserving its value. To save time and make work easier, Everun’s lubrication service points are always located in easy-to-access locations. Alternatively, the lubrication can be taken over for you with a central lubrication system.


Short hydraulic hose lengths   Easy-to-open engine hood   Ergonomic joysticks
Everun machines have short hydraulic hose lengths – the hoses are split in several places. If a hydraulic hose needs to be exchanged, the entyre hose in the hydraulic circuit does not need to be exchanged, but rather just the affected part. This speeds up work enormously and saves money.   The engine hood can be opened backward with just one handle for regular service and maintenance work. The hydraulic oil tank, air cleaner, engine oil fill opening, oil dipstick and cooling water are therefore quickly and easily accessible.   The joystick lies securely and comfortably in your hand. The control is sturdy and sensitive at the same time. In this way, you always have the machine and its key functions under control.


Pleasant working environment   Tire Options   Comfortable seat
The working environment in the cabin is excellent, thanks to an efficiently working heating and ventilation system with a fan, fresh air filter and well-placed air nozzles. With the comfort cab, air conditioning is available as an option.   Everun wheel loader is multi-function, you will have a wide selection of attachments available for your Everun machine.   Different types of seats are available to choose from, perfectly fitting to your machine


Lots of attachments   Easily accessible lubrication service points Adjustable steering column
Use your machine as a multi-function tool: you can select a variety of attachments for EVERUN.   Regularly lubricating all lubrication service points of the machine is essential for correct and effective maintenance and therefore for the value preservation of the machine. In order to save time and facilitate the work, the lubrication service points are always in an easily accessible position at Everun. Optionally, a central lubrication system is available that takes over the lubrication for you. The steering column can be individually adjusted according to the operator¡¯s request. This ensures that every operator can work with the machine ergonomically and fatigue-free.

Two bigger and stronger lift cylinder   Good all-round visibility  
Everun always installs strong lift cylinder in all ER4 series wheel loader models. This guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the loading arm. In addition, the entire loading system gains stability. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the respective size of the machine.   Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument clusters, a comfortable driver’s seat and an optimal view of the attachment. A workplace that motivates and fully supports the operator.  








Bucket Capacity By Default 0.52m³
Bucket Capacity By Default 0.68yd³
Dumping Distance 1449mm
Dumping Distance 4.75ft
Engine Model by Default Xinchai A498BT1
Engine Model by Default Xinchai A498BT1
Fuel Capacity 75L
Fuel Capacity 19.5gal
Full reach capacity 600kg
Full reach capacity 1320lb
Hydrauic Capacity 75L
Hydrauic Capacity 19.5gal
Max.Breakout Force 28kN
Max.Breakout Force 28kN
Max. Dumping Height 3155mm
Max. Dumping Height 10.35ft
Max. Lifting Height 3813mm
Max. Lifting Height 12.51ft
Max. Speed 22km/h
Max. Speed 13.6miles/h
Min. Fuel-Consume Ratio 238g/kw.h
Min. Fuel-Consume Ratio 238g/kw.h
Mini Turning Radius 5450mm
Mini Turning Radius 15.07ft
Optional Buckets 1.04/1.3/1.69/1.95 yd³
Optional Buckets 0.8/1.0/1.3/1.5 m³
Overall Dimension 5240*1860*2600mm
Overall Dimension 17.19*6.10*8.53ft
Overall Weight 4100kg
Overall Weight 9020lb
Parking Brake Disc Brake
Parking Brake Disc Brake
Rated Load 1500kg
Rated Load 3300lb
Rated Power 36.8kW
Rated Power 49hp
Service Brake Disc Brake
Service Brake Disc Brake
Steering Angle 31°
Steering Angle 31°
Steering System Type Hydraulic
Steering System Type Hydraulic
System Working Pressure 18MPa
System Working Pressure 2900PSI
Total Cycle Time 12s
Total Cycle Time 12s
Tyre Specification 23.5/70-16
Tyre Specification 23.5/70-16

Loading Weighter- There is a display in the cabin, could show the goods weight which loaded/lifted.

Crane Valve – The function is if the lifting cylinder has accident broken, this function will ensure the boom will not fall down.

8 gear shifts – Standard is 2 shifts for froward, 2 shifts for backward. Max. speed is 21km/h. 8 gears shifts means 4 gears for forward, 4 gears for backward. Max. speed is 28 – 30km/h.

Tyre chains – The function is prevent skidding, especially when driving/working in snow.

The ER1500F telescopic wheel loader is capable of all farm tasks within its weight range. From it’s compact size and overall cabin height it has no difficulty in accessing low doorways and tight work spaces. All round visibility from inside the spacious cabin ensures ease of movement and safe operation. The digital screen and light touch electric joystick allow smooth working of the ER1500F telescopic wheel loader. With reliable engines like the Xinchai 498BT or Yunnei Euro 5 or Cummins EPA4 you have excellent power, reliability and essential fuel efficiency. The ER1500F will comfortably lift the heaviest of grass/silage bales, extract pit silage with a grab attachment and with a lifting height of over 4m, load your diet feeder. With its excellent price and value for money the ER1500F telescopic wheel loader could be the machine for you.

Q1: What’s the MOQ?
A: One unit.

Q2: What’s the load quantity?
A: “20GP container could load one unit ER1500F, because of container height limited, need dismantle the cabin.
40HQ container could load two units ER1500F and one unit other models, like ER408, ER412, ERT1500, mini excavators, etc.”

Q3: I have the attachments with Bobcat bracket, can I use it on your ER1500F directly?
A: Yes, we have the Bobcat quick hitch, your attachments could install to use directly. We also have many attachments as optional, such as pallet forks, grapple forks, manure forks, mixer bucket, 4 in 1 bucket, snow bucket, snow blade, sweeper, etc. If you need other attachments, we will customized for you.

Q4: Do you have engine could meet North American EPA4 emission and the Europe Euro5 emission?
A: “Yes, we have the Cummins EPA4 engine could meet North American EPA4 emission.
Yunnei Euro5 engine could meet Europe Euro5 emission.”

Q5: How about the after-service?
A: “The warranty period is either one year or 1200 working hours upon receival, whichever comes first. We guarantee that all your questions will be answered within 12 hours. For after-sales, to minimize the downtime, we offer air delivery for spare parts under guarantee within 5 working days. Our professional technician team will offer support on trouble clearing and maintenance.
In addition, for European customer, we bulit Everun Europe in Germany. For Oceanian customers, we established Everun WA in Australia to supply the in-time technical support, machine trial and spare parts delivery.”



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